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Shilique Calhoun hosts Twitter AMA for Huskers fans, Result is Hilarious

In the age of Twitter, you can always count on something interesting being put out there. Whether it’s awkward tweets from a soon-to-be-fired coach like Tim Beckman, Cardale Jones changing his profile to reflect his status on the depth chart, or other players spouting off, there’s usually something interesting going on in this social network of choice for many Big Ten personalities.

Today that Twitter gift comes from Michigan State star DL Shilique Calhoun, who apparently was a little sick of just hearing Nebraska Cornhuskers fans give him crap about the result of the showdown Saturday night. So…

Shilique Calhoun AMA!

Quickly, go participate and enjoy this madness on a Thursday lunch hour! Even Michigan fans have joined Nebraska fans in asking important questions like:

  • Is a hot dog a sandwich?
  • Have you seen Frozen?
  • As headlocks are illegal for police officers, should they also be illegal for offensive lineman?

Let’s enjoy these bits of personality, especially when taken in fun like Calhoun seems to be doing instead of lashing out at the leagues of trolls and idiots on Twitter. Kudos to him for rising above it and enjoying himself.

Dave is a FWAA member and a Columnist focusing on Big Ten football for talking10. Before joining talking in 2014, he was a Featured Columnist for three years at Bleacher Report and previously wrote for seven years on He was born in Hawkeye Country and went to college in Columbus, so there's plenty of B1G running through his blood. Dave is a patent and trademark attorney in his day job. If you have any questions in those areas or about his latest articles, please contact him on Twitter @BuckeyeFitzy.

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